Inservice Training Exam #9

2017-09 FTHC In-Service Exam:


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Question #1: Stress is a normal part of life. True: False:
Question #2: Stress may be positive or negative True: False:
Question #3: A stressor may be defined as the force that is causing stress. True: False:
Question #4: Chronic stress may cause physical illness. True: False:
Question #5: Which of the following may be responsible for causing stress? (check off all that may apply)

a. my wedding
b. hosting a party
c. a trip to Europe
d. listening to my favorite music
e. dining at my favorite restaurant
f. welcoming my neighbor's newborn son
g. taking an interesting college course for 3 credits
h. inheriting a large amount of property from my great aunt
i. reading an interesting novel
Question #6: Some stresses are positive True: False:
Question #7: People do not vary in their responses to stressful situations True: False:
Question #8: Both physical and psychological forces may induce stress True: False:
Question #9: Unmnanaged stress can upset the immune system True: False:
Question 10: Fill In.

A conscious effort to manage a stressful situation is known as a  mechanism or skill.