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In-Service Training

In-Service Training Courses -
Effective October 1, 2017


To select an in-service training course, just click on the appropriate link below. Once you have read through the entire course, you can click on the "Continue to Exam" link at the bottom of the last page of the course, and you will be taken to the exam.  You can also go directly to the exam, if you prefer, by clicking the appropriate exam link below. 

When you have completed the exam, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the exam page. Your responses will be automatically sent to the Care Directors via email.

2017-01 FTHC In-Service: Family Tree Home Care Handbook 2017-01 - Exam
2017-02 FTHC In-Service: Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation 2017-02 - Exam
2017-03 FTHC In-Service: Confidentiality 2017-03 - Exam
2017-04 FTHC In-Service: Fall Prevention Protocol 2017-04 - Exam
2017-05 FTHC In-Service: Seven Stages of Dementia 2017-05 - Exam
2017-06 FTHC In-Service: 10 Signs of Alzheimer's 2017-06 - Exam
2017-07 FTHC In-Service: Difficult Behaviors 2017-07 - Exam
2017-08 FTHC In-Service: Nutrition and Hydration 2017-08 - Exam
2017-09 FTHC In-Service: Stress 2017-09 - Exam
2017-10 FTHC In-Service: Communication 2017-10 - Exam
2017-11 FTHC In-Service: Documentation 2017-11 - Exam
2017-12 FTHC In-Service: Sundowning 2017-12 - Exam

Other Caregiver Information

  1. Download Family Tree Home Care Training Manual (PDF Format)
  2. Download Family Tree Home Care Handbook (PDF Format)
  3. Download Family Tree Home Care Travel Time Log (PDF Format)
  4. Daily Activity Sheet (PDF Format)
  5. Pay Periods (PDF Format)
  6. Earned Sick Time: Notice of Employee Rights (PDF Format)

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