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Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation

2018-02 FTHC In-Service:

Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation

Part 1: Abuse, Neglect, Misappropriation
  • Defining Abuse, Neglect & Misappropriation
    • Family Tree Home Care  advocates for ALL elders.
    • It is mandatory that this packet be read, and saved for reference.
    • Care Directors are always available to discuss any concerns.
    • Elder's SAFETY is our #1 prioirty.

  • The "Elements" of Abuse,  Neglect & Misappropriation
    • Act
    • Intent
    • Harm
    • Exemption

  • Abuse
    • Act
      • Infliction of injury.
      • Unreasonable confinement.
      • Intimidation (including verbal or mental abuse directed at a specific patient or resident).
      • Punishment
    • Intent - Willful infliction of the act.
    • Harm
      • Physical Harm
      • Pain
      • Mental anguish
      • Assault and battery

  • Neglect
    • Act - Failure to provide appropriate -
      • Care
      • Treatment
      • Services
    • Intent - Intentional or the result of carelessness.
    • Harm - Failed to maintain health and safety as evidenced by:
      • Harm
      • Deterioration in physical, mental or emotional condition.
    • Exemption: Caused by factors beyond individual's control.

  • Misappropriation
    • Act
      • Misplacement
      • Exploitation
      • Wrongful, temporary or permanent use.
    • Intent: Deliberate
    • Harm
      • Money
      • Belongings
    • Exemption: Patient's consent.

  • Examples:
    • Abuse
      • Any physical aggression toward elder such as kicking, shoving, pushing.
      • Any verbal abuse such as profanity directed at elder.
    • Neglect
      • Allow a resident during winter months to be outside without a warm coat.
      • Allowing an elder to remain in soiled undergarments creating a potential skin breakdown.
    • Misappropriation
      • Using elder's credit card for personal use.
      • Stealing money from elder
      • Uisng elder's phone for personal use without permission.

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