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Fall Prevention Protocol

2018-04 FTHC In-Service:

Fall Prevention Protocol

Assess client as fall risk keeping the following factors in mind.

  1. History of falls
  2. Mobility problems such as when walking, moving around or transferring from sitting to standing
  3. Foot problems or unsafe footwear
  4. Blood pressure dropping too low when getting up
  5. Vision problems
  6. Secondary diagnosis such as stroke
  7. Use of assistive device such as walker
  8. Type of difficult gait due to medication, illness or weakness
  9. Mental status
  10. Environmental hazards such as rugs, thresholds, electrical cords, clutter, poor lighting, slippery floors, etc.
Please note the more factors you can identify with a client the added risk of falling must be noted.

Please read the following protocol to prevent falls.

  • Stay close to the client at all times, and within arms reach while in bed, and when transferring from bed to standing or walking.
  • Use wheelchair to transport client if the client experiences difficulty standing, demonstrates poor balance, or has difficulty walking.
  • Do not hesitate to summon for help with client, when in a facility.
  • Always communicate with care directors and family with concerns of fall risk.
  • Never hurry client when ambulating.
  • Remember that falls can occur while client is in bed, and therefore it is important to remain alert and close by client when they are sleeping or resting.


  • Immediately summon for help while in facility, by pulling cord usually located in bathroom.
  • Call 911 when in a home with no supportive staff.
  • Do not make any attempt to help the client up from the fall until he/she has been evaluated by medical staff.
  • Call care directors immediately, with the numbers provided to you.
  • Comfort the client to the best of your ability while waiting for assistance.

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